Her modern structure is her sportiness, reliability and exemplary motherhood. Her personality, which was an example for a healthy life with her life style and image, her confidence in mass communication, her success in brand promotion, teaching Turkish women to be beautiful and creating job opportunities from here.

In our choice, we shaped our products as pilates (sports and health), healthy nutrition (natural nutritional supplements), personal care and staying young (cosmetics), fashion and sports, self-confidence (perfume and fragrance), peaceful and enjoyable life (aroma-therapy). .

Ebru Şallı Brand supports our women's health and care immensely. Our colorful cosmetics with natural ingredients and our skin care products are extremely careful in our works that are harmless and focused on customer satisfaction.


We have a growth target in digital marketing and merchandising sales channels. We will enter the world market with Natural Cosmetics and Aroma Therapy Home products.


We serve all of our female followers from 7 to 70. We direct the pilates to their lives and guide the lives of many women. Now we are with them with makeup and skin care.