End to Body Fats in 21 Days With Ebru Şallı - DVD

Brand : Ebru
Discount Rate : %20 Discount
Price : $13.50(Vat included)
Discounted : $10.76(Vat included)

Ebru Şallı ile 21 Günde Yağlarınızdan Kurtulun Pilates DVD

Ebru Şallı is here with the 6th Dvd of Pilates Series Breaking Sales Records!

With this DVD you will regularly make a 21-day consecutive pilates cure to reduce your body fat! The pace and speed of the other exercises more active than the Dvd'nin fat burning edema shooter and muscle-building feature. Never wait to start curing this miracle Dvd, which works the whole body, not regionally, and quickly reduces fat! Also read the nutritional advice inside the Dvd!

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