Ebru Şallı by THALIA Avocado Care Shampoo 300 ml

Ebru Şallı by THALIA Avocado Care Shampoo 300 ml

Brand : Ebru
Price : $7.85(Vat included)

Ebru Şallı by THALIA Avokado Yağlı Bakım Şampuanı 300 ml

Ebru ŞALLI by THALIA Avocado Oily Volumizing Hair Care Shampoo

Thanks to Avocado oil, it nourishes and intensely moisturizes your hair and strengthens your hair follicles in a short time. Thanks to its special formula produced for oily hair, it protects the oil balance of the scalp and gives vitality and extra fullness to the hair without aggravating it.

The plant extracts in its content prevent hair loss caused by environmental factors.

Provides radical maintenance with provitamin and hydrolyzed protein. Make your hair lasting volume, softer and long lasting.

Technical details :

300 ml. - For oily hair

SLES / SLS, Salt and Paraben free. There is no need to use hair conditioner.

Product Usage:

Apply shampoo to wet hair every 2 days. Leave on the hair for at least 5 minutes, then massage the hair to increase absorption and then rinse with warm water. It is recommended to use it regularly to get positive results against hair loss.


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