Ebru Şallı by THALIA Avocado Oily Hand Cream 75 ML

Brand : Ebru
Price : $8.96(Vat included)

Ebru Şallı by THALIA Avokado Yağlı El Kremi 75 ml

Avocado Oil is the most natural moisturizer for your skin thanks to its valuable fatty acids and high vitamin E content. EBRU ŞALLI by THALIA Avocado Oily Hand cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and moisturizes your skin for much longer, providing softness. With its special formula containing Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E, the fragrance smell remains in your hand during intensive care of your cracked and damaged hands. It is in your hands to regain a smooth and youthful skin texture.

Technical details :

75 ml.

Paraben and paraffin free.


Squeeze hazelnut-sized cream on your hand, massaging the nails, including circular movements, apply to all hands. With its special formula that does not leave oil, it is with you whenever you need it during the day.

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