Ebru Şallı by THALIA Abdominal Thinning Gel 125 ml

Brand : Ebru

Ebru Şallı by THALIA Karın Bölgesi İnceltici Jel 125 ml



Incorrect regulation of the white adipose tissue mass leads to overestimation of adipose tissue, resulting in aesthetically negative effects. Changes in fat mass result from changes in the shape and / or number of fat cells. The change in the number of fat cells results from the complex interaction of the proliferation and differentiation of the precursor fat cells.

EBRU ŞALLI by THALIA ABDOMINAL GEL is an innovative and refining active compound which uses SLIMACTIVE and unique NIOZOM TECHNOLOGY specially designed by AKTEN COSMETIC R & D laboratory to increase skin thickness, firmness, firmness and stimulate the destruction of fat tissue. SLIMACTIVE consists of a powerful combination of Caffeine, Genistein and Punic acid, trapped in niosome beads suitable for shaping and thinning body care.

With its specially developed formula for the abdominal region, it helps the skin to gain elasticity by providing the moisture it needs.

When used regularly, thanks to the active ingredients it contains, it helps to create a firmer skin texture and form the skin. It contains Caffeine and Ginseng extract to stimulate circulation during massage and helps to clarify your body lines. With its pomegranate and soy extracts, it prevents the re-formation of unwanted excesses and tightens your skin with sports.

It supports your skin to have a soft and smooth appearance and to have regular lines.

Ebru ŞALLI by THALIA with its special massage effective head gives you a smooth appearance by creating a massage effect.

Product Use

For a more effective result, it is recommended to apply 2 times a day, preferably pre-sport, with a special tube package and a massage head.

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