Ebru Şallı by THALIA Hair Care Oil 75 ml

Brand : Ebru
Price : $22.47(Vat included)

Ebru Şallı by THALIA Saç Bakım Yağı 75 ml

Ebru ŞALLI by THALIA Hair Care Oil Product Information:

Avocado Oil, Organic Argan Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil, which contains many valuable nourishing oils Ebru ŞALLI by THALIA Hair Care Oil deep penetration into your hair to increase the elasticity of the hair, to renew the structure, to give extra shine and softness.

With the content of Avocado Oil and Organic Argan Oil, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids are rapidly absorbed by the hair and roots, helping to repair and restore damaged hair, thus being effective against periodic hair loss.

It nourishes your hair without weighing it and provides support to make the strands look smooth. Avocado oil helps your hair regain the moisture it needs thanks to its unique moisturizing properties.

Ebru SHALLI by THALIA Hair Care Oil Technical Details:

75 ml.

Special formula without rinsing. Sles - Sls and paraben free.

Ebru ŞALLI by THALIA Hair Care Oil Product Usage:

Spread the desired amount in the palm of your hand. Never rinse by applying to damp hair. If you want to use the product before blow dryer, apply to the wet hair with towel. If desired, it can also be applied to dry hair as a finishing touch to control puffiness, prevent electrification and shine.

THALIA Hair Care Oil helps for faster and easier blow-up, while preventing this abrasive process from adversely affecting your hair.

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