Super Summer Body in 4 Weeks with Ebru Şallı - Pilates DVD

Brand : Ebru
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Ebru Şallı ile 4 Haftada Süper Yaz Vücudu Pilates DVD

Pilates lovers, I'm here again with a brand new DVD. I offer my heartfelt love and thanks to all of you for your interest in Pilates and me.


If you knew what would change this DVD you are holding now? Are you ready to fly with me?


In this DVD you will find exercises that prepare you to wear swimsuits and bikinis.


By working 6 days a week in 4 weeks, you will also get a superb result by paying attention to your diet.


Your life energy will rise soon after the first day you start doing; you will have a healthier, firmer and tighter body.


Are you ready for the super effective exercises you can do in the comfort of your home and using just one chair?


Come on, start now. Start tomorrow not today but even now .. Enjoy your own change ..


Stay with love and Pilates