Super Butt with Ebru Şallı Pilates DVD

Brand : Ebru
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Price : $13.50(Vat included)
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Ebru Şallı ile Süper Popo Pilates DVD

Pilates Lovers;

First of all, I would like to thank pilates and the trust you have shown me. We meet again with a new DVD. The DVD you're holding right now is one of the exercises you'll say du that's exactly what I was looking for ”.

As you know, I have always believed very much because of the results of regional studies in a short time and I have always supported these kinds of exercises.

After deciding and asking so much, I want you to give me 40 minutes every day for only 2 weeks. Don't say I don't have time. Think about what you're taking for 40 minutes .. Start your hip exercises today with this dvd and take my nutrition suggestions into consideration, cure the exercises together with me every day for 2 weeks. , you'll see that you've got a form, a living hip.

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