Ebru Şallı Pilates Circle Blue 35 cm

Ebru Şallı Pilates Circle Blue 35 cm

Brand : Ebru
Price : $40.48(Vat included)

Ebru Şallı Pilates Çemberi Mavi 35 cm

Made of high quality fiberglass material; it does not harm your hand thanks to its specially designed sponge holders.

It is designed to run the main muscle groups. Ebru Shawl Pilates circle with arm, chest; inner leg-outer leg, waist, hip and abdominal muscles can shape groups.

You can increase the resistance of your muscles and create a tight image.

Using the Pilates circle of Ebru Shawl, it is also possible to develop side muscle groups. In particular, the side muscles which are difficult to work and shape in the leg area can become tight with the Pilates ring.

The Pilates circle with Ebru Shawl has the convenience and ease of use for Pilates - Fitness exercises of all levels and ages.

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